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WT Series

This series video tripod is a complete Professional Video Tripod including legs,mid-level, fluid head of 65mm or 75mm bowl size and black high quality carryingbag. The legs utilize large ergonomic lock adjustment knobs and rubber feet forstability. The head can be fixed on tripod with a standard 65mm bowl with aseparate lock adjustment providing pan and tilt adjustment in addition to thehead. The two -section handle can be easily assembled to the either side ofthe head. The quick release video plate with a separate safety lock can preventunexpected slide-off of the video camera. The carrying bag is large enough tohold the legs, head and spreader, which is convenient for transport and canbetter protect the tripod.


Fluid head of 65mm bowl size with fixed counterbalancesystem realizes a -85°to +85°tilt angle

A quick release system with a safety lock preventsinadvertent disengagement of the camera latch

Thelegs utilize large ergonomic lock adjustment knobs and rubber feet forstability

Thecarrying bag is large enough to hold the legs, head and spreader, which isconvenient for transport and can better protect the tripod.

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