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12" LED Ring Light Kit

Improve the look of photos and videos with this bicolor ring light. The combination of white and amber LEDs offers even illumination, and the heat-free lighting is ideal for close-ups. This bicolor ring light has a mount with tilt function, allowing adjustment, and a built-in remote that makes operation easier.

1. Compatible with most smartphones and compact cameras.

Perfect for when lighting is needed.

2. Plastic, aluminum construction

Enjoy lightweight transportation and sturdy device support.

3. Bicolor 162-LED ring light

Provides ideal illumination for unique lighting effects.

4. Simple controls

You can control the intensity and color temperature through the remote built into its USB cord for quick adjustments.

5. Adjustable light modes

The ring light has manual temperature settings that change from 2700K (amber LEDs) to 5500K (white LEDs).

6. Photo and video lighting bundle

Features a mini ball head, 67" light stand, and a flexible tube with a phone holder.

7. Variable mount tilt function

Calibrate the lighting at your own discretion and need.

12" LED Ring Light Specification:

Voltage: 5V

Power: 10W, with USB power connector

LEDs: 162pcs

Color temperature: 2700K/4800K/6000K±200K

CRI: ≥ 85

Dimensions: 12"

Ring Light Kit Includes:

1 x12" LED Ring Light  

1 xMini ball head

1 xSoft Tube with phone holder

1 x67"Reverse-Folding light stand(170cm)

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